Offering a Blend of Artistry and Professionalism

You'll love working with the artists at our tattoo parlor in St. Cloud, MN

You've decided on your tattoo design, but now comes the hard part: finding the right tattoo parlor to go to. After all, you have to find an artist who can get it right the first time. No Coast Tattoo makes the choice easy.

With a clean shop and experienced tattoo artists, we'll make your time in the chair enjoyable. Ready to turn your body into a work of art? Bring your ideas to our artists in St. Cloud, MN.


Enjoy a positive and professional tattoo experience.

Tattoo Education

Speak with our tattoo artists about what to expect.

Contact Us

Reach out to our staff with any questions before your visit.

When It Comes To Your Ink, You Want The Best

What makes our tattoo parlor stand out from other local options? You'll want to get your tattoo from us because we...

  • Have 21 years of experience giving tattoos
  • Have a stocked mini-fridge of free snacks
  • Keep our parlor clean and sanitary for every visit
  • Value educating our clients on tattoo information and care
  • Put our clients' comfort first
You'll leave our shop with a beautiful new tattoo that'll make you eager to start brainstorming your next one. Call 320-281-3300 now with any questions before your visit.

How To Prepare For Your Tattoo

Though your artist will take the time to educate you on everything you'll need to know during your appointment, there's info you may want before you come. For example, we charge an $80 minimum for any tattoo, so you should consider your budget beforehand.

It's also important to keep your blood sugar up. You should try to eat something before you come, even if you're nervous. Just in case, we keep water and snacks in the parlor, but you'll want to be as prepared as possible to get the best possible experience.